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We are a specialised repair centre  based in Canary Wharf since 2003. A support for local businesses corporate clients and end users, repairing projectors in some instances while you wait. Our friendly and highly skilled staff will take care of your projector when you visit us. We are part of the thriving business community located in the heart of docklands. The most common repair we fix is an Optoma projector with flickering image. We often fix this while you wait. 

Based inside the Canary Wharf tower we are conveniently located close to the Canary wharf underground Tube Station. 

Our speedy Service

Did you know some companies keep your projector for up to 4 weeks?

They charge you for collection and delivery. On top of that they charge up to £75 just to look at your projector? Why should you pay for someone £75 just for looking at it? Our speedy service means in most cases your projector is returned to you in a couple of days.  Also some companies will tell you its beyond economical repair, just so they can sell you a projector!

This happens quite often. 

 Projector Repairs London

Optoma specialists

We have been repairing motherboards for almost 2 decades and repairing projectors for over 11 years.  We can fix any problem on your projector as long as the parts are available. We also carry out component level repairs to capacitors bridge rectifiers mossfets  resistors diodes surface mounted chips and even BGA reflows on chipsets. We replace Lamps inverters power ballast motherboards and lenses when needed. We only use Genuine Original Parts. The good news is that Optoma projector parts are easier to acquire than other makes and models.

We look forward to helping you find a solution that fits your needs.

4k Projector repairs between £199 -£249

Flickering Colours Then swithces off?

Has your projector started flickering? Do not buy a new Lamp !!!! This fault can be repaired by our engineers in many cases its the colour wheel that is causing this issue but not always. The colour wheel is attached to 2 ribbon cables the fault may be a bad connection with the cables or even a broken photo sensor. Whatever the issue is we can usually fix this for you. Some companies will tell you this needs to be replaced but we fix it in most occasions. Even when your wheel is not available elsewhere, we can very often fix it. 

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Missing Pixels?

Here at Optoma Projector Repairs we can help you with missing pixel problems.
This is an easy repair for our engineers. However in most cases your DMD chip will need replacing.
Call us today for free help and advice.

Lines on the Displayed image

Lines on the screen is another common fault we see at our workshop. This fix may require some soldering. We can repair this problem 90 percent of the time. There are various boards inside the projector, a motherboard and a daughter board. One or both of these may require a repair.  This repair usually takes 24h and is another easy fix for our engineer. Call us today for peace of mind.

Acer projector repairs

Lens problems

There are various Lens problems that occur with projectors. The entire lens may need replacing. However inside the lens there are Lenses and mirrors that may suffer burnout. Some customers have tried repairing this themselves only to find that because they fixed it themselves they allowed a tiny piece of dust inside the lens unit and the image shown will therefore always have a dot on the screen. While watching a film You will always be drawn to the dot ! This is why we request you to bring it into our workshop for a fantastic bright image .

Component Level Repair experts

We can fix motherboards. We work on component level repairs. We can replace integrated circuits including various power manager chips. Diode resistor and capacitors can be replaced by us on the motherboard. Inverters can be replaced too. The inverter is the part that gives power to the lamp and is dangerous to work on. The best place for projector repairs in London  Never open and try to fix a projector yourself. Allow our engineers to find the fault and fix it for you in 24h

Please Note * We do not fix projectors larger than 14 inches

Projector no signal

Projector HDMI port not working? This is an easy fix for us here at projector repairs. On this projector the port was faulty so it was removed. 

On this repair it was a bit more tricky the ports were fine but the controller for the HDMI failed. This is quite common. The chip has 100 pins and needs to be replaced.

In this final image we have removed the bad chip and replaced it with one from another motherboard. the customer was charged £149 happy days !

Optoma hd141x color wheel teardown and fix for flickering image

Do not attempt this unless you are a qualified professional.

Remove the 6 base screws and put them aside a good idea is to use a small plastic container for tablets.

Very carefully unclip the power flex cable buy gently pulling the clip down, be careful as many owners break this clip !!

Remove the screw holding the lamp in place. Unclip the lamp connector and remove the lamp, inspect the lamp for cracks this should be a p-vip 190/ lamp

Carefully remove all screws surrounding the colour wheel. In most cases you will find one of the screw taps broken. This is due to overheating and the plastic becomes brittle.

Remove the photo sensor screw, inspect the photo sensor make sure it looks physically clean. If you see any black soot, remove it with a cotton wool bud.

Very carefully remove the colour wheel connector cable. Colour wheels are very delicate and can be easily broken.

Remove the Lamp surround housing noting the 3 screws that are holding it in place. Being careful with the cables attached. Put it to one side. 

Remove this silly piece of rubber. This is the main reason the colour wheel fails. After a year or two this rubber starts to come away from the base touching the wheel. BIN IT !!!

You do not need to remove the power supply but if you need to for some reason disconnect the cables noted above in yellow. 

For removing the power supply remove all the screws around the supply. Fixing these power supplies is a pain I usually just replace it.  

Slide the colour wheel down and out of the housing. Be very careful not to break the wheel. These break very easily as they are made of thin glass.

Remove the 3 screws holding the colour wheel in place. Fit your new wheel and in most cases your up and running again. We Hope this has helped if you are suffering issues with your colour wheel.

For all free advice give us a call you will be connected directly to our engineer.

Optoma Warranty

Please note : Our company is in no way affiliated with Optoma.   If Your projector is under warranty please call Optoma first. Any projector brought into our repair service will invalidate any existing warranty you may have with Optoma. 

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Please note * We do not repair projectors larger than 14 inches. If your projector is larger than 14 inches wide please tell us before you send it in.

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