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Terms & Conditions

By leaving your projector with us you are indicating that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions. We will ask you to sign this form before any repairs are carried out unless your item is posted in to us where these terms and conditions are found here on our website.

You are agreeing to pay for any work we have carried out on your behalf; however we will not charge you more than the final repair estimate without your additional consent. All quotes for repairs are always given in advance of any repairs to be carried out.

We do not always tell customers how we fixed their projector or they would fix it themselves !

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that charges are paid and return arranged. There is no free pick up or delivery on returns. We cannot release items until payment has been made. We may insist on payment being made by cleared funds.

If Lamp replacement is required and you want to keep your old lamp, we must be told in writing before you give your projector to us and any lamps not working inside the projector will be binned. 

All deliveries are paid by yourself. We never offer insurance on deliveries unless you specifically ask for it. When a delivery has left our office and is with the delivery company it is out of our hands and we cannot accept responsibility for damages.

If you are in any way unhappy we reserve the right to take your device back to our workshop, and return it to you once the fault has been rectified.

Any items dumped at our workshop and customers who do not answer the phone or reply to emails or not collected their projector after 2 months will be disposed of to cover costs.